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The Crystal Pendulum is a tool that is used to help you access the collective consciousness/collective  unconsciousness to you and your Higher Self. Pendulums can answer any sort of question for you, help you find lost items, do healings, and adjust chakras as well many other things. Pendulums connect you with YOUR higher being and self, therefore it is important to keep in mind that these answers  ultimately come from you. There are many different types of pendulums; many of them are made out of different types of gemstones and metals. I personally like the gemstone pendulums best, but they all work wonderfully if you practice and connect with your pendulum.
Chakra Gemstone pendulums are an amazing way to practice your divination skills and you can work with pendulums to receive answers from your higher consciousness, spirit guides, ancestors, and the universe. Working with pendulums can be essential in energy work, crystal healing, and metaphysical practices.
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